Rental Property Grants – Free Money For Investors

by Melissa Sabella

Did you know that rental property grants can help real estate investors get the financing they need to buy rental properties and multifamily units? This is free money that that is provided by the government to assist investors and help them close more deals. It’s a secret that most real estate investors don’t know about, and those who do tend to not want to share this information.

The government provides many different kinds of real estate grants for investors because they are a major player when it comes to a stable housing market. By providing rental property grants, the government can assist these investors who are capable of flipping or renting out properties, but don’t have the capital for a down payment or other closing costs.

Once an investor obtains rental property grants, they may be able to receive these funds over and over again. And because these are not loans, applying for this free government money does not require a credit check, a cosigner or any kind of collateral. This is cash that is provided to the investor from the government and never has to be paid back.

Of course the government is not just going to hand this money out to any person that applies for free grant money. There is an application process, and they’ll want to see the deal that you are working on and how you plan to make money from it. As long as the numbers check out and you meet the qualifications, you’ll have cash in hand to complete the deal.

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